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crushedglass's Journal

21 March
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Photographer, artist, writer, cat lady. Drinker of coffee, maker of things, rescuer of poor critters in need.

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**note to those who wish to add me**
You may add me, without asking, or letting me know. If you comment and I don't know who you are I'll probably ask where you came from cause I'm usually curious. I don't really make friends only posts, so don't be offended if I don't add you back. My journal is really truly an actual journal for me. Some of the things I post are quite personal and sometimes sensitive for me. I don't require people to comment unless they truly have something to say. In fact, if what you going to say is unnecessary blahblah (that just says you read it but doesnt really say anything), or somehow trivializes something in my life... I'd kinda prefer if you just didn't. I don't need the validation. This doesn't mean that the occasional hello or kind word is unappreciated. I'm not sure how to really convey what I mean here. Hopefully it came out right :)

I don't promise to always be interesting... but I do post a lot of photos. Happy reading to you :)

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