~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

weekend: bay city pictures, wedding in freeland, bubble pictures, icky chat sunday drinks

ok now for the weekend... had to take a little bit of a nap first... my head hurts... bleah.

anyway friday we didn't have a job... when I got there we went to the tux place and Steve tried on his stuff. his pants still needed a little alteration so we went to get some dinner and then stopped back to check with the guy on when to pick everything up. He assured Steve that it would be ready early the next day... so the rest of our evening was free. We went to Bay City and walked by the river, took some pictures (of a goat on a leash, some ducks, each other, the moon), sat for a while and talked... we then drove home and went to bed...
the next day we got up and got breakfast, did our Meijer-ing, picked up the stuff from the tux place and went to set up for that night. We had some extra time then so we went back to the house and spent some time together til we had to get ready to go...

we got cack to the hall a little before 5:30
it was a good night... the crowd was a nice one and the bridal party was nice... everyone danced willingly and pretty consistantly and the night was over pretty quickly...

and we were so so close to home it was great... we packed up and then were back ina couple minutes.
while I waited for him to unhook the trailer Iw as blowing bubbles and liking the colors so I decided to take a picture with the camera... it turned out kinda pretty do I decided to try again.... 50-some pictures later I definitely was sold on it and planned to take some more at the first opportunity... (which I imagine will be tonight sometime pretty shortly)

so then we went in and made a couple drinks and sat down at the computer with the buttercupsmiles yahoo open waiting for something interesting to pop up... while we were sorting through people Ryan came home and joined us and soon enough we got a guy... and between the three of us though mostly Steve and Ryan we had one of the most disgusting and disturbing chats I've ever had. So bad, in fact, that I didn't even post the log. And also so bad that I dropped a line to Yahoo about the guy. Super ick. That's all I can say...

we were up til 5:30 and slept into the afternoon... got up, went to the mall for food and so I could buy some soap, rented a movie and went back to spend a nice chill day on a blanket in the grass. We (ok I) mixed up some tasty chocolaty drinks in the blender and we sat in the sun getting sleepy-tipsy and blowing bubbles for a good long while... then we went and took a shower, and watched our movie and went to sleep.

very nice weekend...

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