~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

headachey saturday

I woke up this morning with a headache. And nothing I wanted to throw at it seemed to help.  so that sucked. Because it meant that it stuck around all day. On the bright side, I did have the chance to shower for a change. And not only that, I washed my hair and I shaved my legs! How about that! I was going to put on makeup but then I felt yucky and just thought fuck it.

I went to Kroger and mostly impulse bought a bunch of food. That hopefully I can manage to not eat instantly. I have been awful this week PMSing like crazy and just wanting to eat all the things. All of them. And I have been so irritable! I also got my grandma a gallon of milk and took that over to her. And when I was there, I help her out with some things. Took out trash, scooped the litter boxes, made the bed, hung out with her for a while.

I picked up Mikale on my way home and he hung out in my attic live streaming the drawing of one of his comics. I have better internet. Plus I think his dad was being a tool. I also repainted my nails with the magic nail polish. And now they are lovely again. I had peeled it all off yesterday.

I talked to the Yeti most of the day, and that was nice. We have a lot of things in common. I dig it.

Tonight, I went to see Room. It was good. I'm glad because I had really high hopes having loved the book.

It's a little after one now and I hope I don't sleep in too late tomorrow. I don't want to waste the whole day. I have a lot of overtime coming up next week and the week is going to feel endless. At least I suspect so. So I want to squeeze every last drop out of my day of freedom. Especially because today kind of sucked because of my headache.


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