~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

long time without writing again

Isn't it always though? I've been really bad about journaling for a very very long time. I do tend to post on Twitter quite a bit and for the last couple of years I have been taking nightly notes in a small booklet calendar. So that amounts to usually four or five lines about the day. Which is better than nothing, right?

So I'm thinking that I might try to do this through talk to text. It's not perfect, but again I'm thinking that it's better than nothing. And it might get me journaling a little more. I'm not very often in front of a real computer (at least not aside from work) and typing things out on my phone is very long and tedious. But really, with the exception of needing to do some correcting as I go, talk to text is not bad. And with this new phone, it's even better than it used to be.

On Monday, my grandma was trying to get something out of the freezer. And she was standing on her small footstool. She must have lost her balance and she tried to hold on to the part of the freezer door that holds things in it. It's like a bar? But it's held in with plastic. I'm explaining that terribly. But they are on freezer doors. I'm not sure if she was just using it for balance generally or if she grabbed it because she lost her balance, but it broke. And she fell. She didn't seem to be doing too badly that day or the next. She was having a bit of pain on Wednesday when we went to her hair appointment. And then today, it has seemed really bad. She lets out squawks and yells when she moves. She's had a hard time getting comfortable to be able to rest. And so I'm worried that she may have fractured a rib or something. I'm hoping not. I'm hoping she's just very bruised because at her age it can take a very very long time to heal. in the meantime she's in some terrible pain. But because of her heart condition, I always worry about what kind of pain medication she can really take. And she's having a hard time really moving around so I know getting her in to get x-rayed is going to be awful and I don't know when or how or where to get that done.

In order to qualify for an incentive at work, I've been working some overtime. I have to get in a certain number of hours in a certain time frame in order to qualify for the extra bonus amount of money. And so that also makes things more challenging because I have to be at work more so I'm just not as available. And I'm only through the first of two weeks of it. Next week is going to be even worse. Very long days. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Hopefully the money will be worth it.


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