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it was a mutual rejection

So this morning, I went for my interview at the insurance company. I went through two information/orientation sessions before this. It sounds like something that I could see myself wanting to do... just not yet. Not right now. And the dude agreed that financially, I'm not in a position to do this anyway. So we more or less mutually rejected each other. But he gave me his card and invited me to call him when/if I'm more in a position to pursue it. This was more or less how I hoped it would go.

Now I'm going to go through as much of my Indeed saved list as I can before work. And I think I would like to eat something. So maybe I'll try to make time to cook some delicious breakfast foods too.

Last night, I somehow got the idea to see if my old angelfire site was still online. It is, and it's ridiculous. It felt like a bit of a time capsule. I was looking at my old journal entries, pre-LJ and pre-blogging. I don't know if now me would have been able to stand then me. I worried about a lot of stuff that I probably shouldn't have worried about. Also, my then-boyfriend was a serious jerk! Why did I not see that??

I was trying to go through it on my phone though, which was difficult with the way I had it designed. So many frames! I'll have to pull it up on a bigger screen when I have the time.

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