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frustrating lack of time

There are so many things that I need to get done. And that my g-ma needs me to get done for her. And no time to do most of it. There are about 19 jobs that are currently saved in my indeed list (some of them for over a week) to be applied for. I have 3 jobs that I did apply for that also have necessary assessments to go along with them that I need to complete. My grandma, her cats, and her dog all have no food. I have needed to do laundry for weeks. Maybe even a couple months now. My house is filthy. I need household items from the store (laundry soap, hand soap, cleaning supplies, etc.) I have a bunch of training to get through for this side job I picked up recently.

Also, I'm hungry, and have been migrainey for the last few days. Complete with recurring aura. Fucking fantastic.

Also also, I talk to unpleasant and/or stupid assholes all day.

In about an hour, I leave to start my day of talking to assholes.

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