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life list

Typing this out on my phone isn't ideal but beats not typing it out at all.


I decided to start a life list and one of the items is to go back to daily journalling. So here goes. Entries may be brief, phone typing and all. But I'd like to have at least some documentation of my life. I'll wonder some day.


Yesterday I took my g-ma to the credit union since our attempt the day before was a failure. Their servers were down so there was little they could help us with. Yesterday was much more successful.


I picked up Mikale first, after having tom wake him up. We went to g-ma's, then the CU, then Kroger to buy money orders, lottery tickets, and a few grocery items.


Got back and she remembered that she had no dig food and needed envelopes for bill mailing. So I dragged Mikale with me and off we went to Family Dollar.


That left me just enough time to go home and eat, quickly shower, and go to work.


I got home last night and caught up on True Blood. Stayed up too late.


I woke up today with a headache. Accidentally poked a hole in Biscuit's new fluid bag so I'll have to open another new one tomorrow, which wastes three days of fluid. Grrr.


I went back to bed but foolishly didn't take drugs first so when I finally got up at 12:30, my head still hurt. So I had drugs, coffee, and food. It helped a little.


Work now. ugh.

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