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Looking forward to a day off tomorrow. I have an appointment to look at a house at 1 tomorrow afternoon. There was another that I called about that is already spoken for. The more I checked out that listing, the more of a disappointment it is that it's gone.
It was big, in decent shape, decent neighborhood, and under 20k.

We got free food at work today. Always a good thing. I may not even need the salad I packed for today.

I made myself stay up this morning after giving Biscuit his fluids. I managed to take a real shower for a change! And I made it to the store to buy some food. And cream for my coffee.

Mary sent me a few more houses to check out. I wonder if some of them might also work for me alone if my grandma and I ended up separate. I don't see why not. I hope I don't end up just settling for something only to have something better come along. I guess that just a necessary gamble. I have to hope I and up with something that I can tolerate. I would have preferred to go home. But it appears that it just wasn't to be.

I'm not sure why Maria and her mother refuse to adcnowlege me when I say hi lately. I don't understand. I do look forward to leaving there.

It is so hot today. It's cold here in the office but driving here was roasty. I talked to my grandma on the way here and my ear /the side of my face ended up all sweaty.

not sure what to do with the rest of my day off tomorrow. Maybe I'll check out the outside of some properties. It's a start. And read. I think I'll do some reading. I'm making my way through the Clan of the Cave Bear series again. I'm about 88% through the second book. I think there were six in all. One or two will be new to me.
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