~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

From Friday, 6-22-12

l was up a little bit later than I intended to be last night. But I feel fairly well rested to day.
I looked up information on medical alert devices. There is one that looks to be pretty good. They offer yearly, quarterly, and monthly plans. It's around $240 for the year. I think it's worth considering. My grandma had such a hard time because she wasn't near a phone and had to crawl up two flights of stairs to get to Harry.
I'm glad to have two days off. Not because I like days off much lately - I usually spend them depressed and moping - but because it will mean I don't have to be at work. That much, at least, is good.
We did our team meeting outside.It's super nice out. There are dark gray clouds moving in. It looks like it will rain soon. I tried posting an lnstagram picture of the sky but I couldn't get it to post.
Lisa emailed me about a possible evening shift for tomorrow, won't trust it until I hear from Dave though. Would be nice to get a little more advance notice.
I got myself up and out of bed early enough to get the trash out and they didn't even take it. Grrrr. Bastards.
I was on my way out and didn't get the chance to look at the sticker they left on the can.
l said hi & waved to Maria on my way out but she didn't acknowledge me at all. This is the third time so I'm thinking that I'm not imagining things and that really happened. I have no idea what's up with that though.
I need to get ahold of Billy about the notice I found stapled to the porch. It would be good to know of I need to panic about housing again. I hope we can get it worked out to give me the 6-7 months more. It's not ideal but it beats having nowhere to go by far.
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