~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

there's a purring kitten next to me

She's purring and knocking things off of my desk. Little punkass.

I did some photo backups today. Processed a few photos. I hadn't done that in a while. On the phone with my grandma right now. She's telling me all the woes of her world, which make me feel just awful.

I think something bit my thumb. I'm all itchy now.

Time for some pictures!

06/27/11 Mr. Baby Cat
Mr. Baby Cat looks amusing here. He often looks amusing.

01/30/11 Muffin and Jack
Muffin laying across Jack.

02/03/11 Jack
A rare visible Jack photo. He's usually the invisible cat.

02/08/11 bird
A chickadee from last February.

02/08/11 plant

02/10/11 Muffin

02/16/11 leaves

02/23/11 Billy
I miss Billy so much!

02/23/11 Billy

03/16/11 pine

05/16/11 blossoms

05/16/11 dead baby bird
I'm sure it's probably weird that I have an ongoing "Dead" photo project.

01/01/10 Steve and Jack
There is so much that is awesome about this photo.
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