~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • 10:48:35: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Affect is verb: "The songs of Liza Minnelli affected the crops." Effect is noun: "Behold the effect Liza has on the ...
  • 11:15:52: Biscuit is eating hair off the floor and seems unmoved by my cries of "OMG STOP IT! THAT'S DISGUSTING! STOP IT STOP IT!"
  • 12:34:29: Holy moo the lotto is high.
  • 13:59:13: I need to get this bio written. It's taking me forever! Mostly I'm procrastinating.
  • 13:59:23: Also, it's snowing again!
  • 17:03:10: I feel weird interacting as my fb page because no one else seems to be doing it yet. But why not??

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