~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

From Twitter 03-16-2011

  • 02:22:55: I need to be sleeping. obviously I am not. :(
  • 02:41:48: I'm getting up at 7:45. that's in about 4 hours. it's gonna suck so much. sleeeeep, come get me!
  • 03:46:54: make that three hours. sigh.
  • 15:51:56: Woken up from my nap, had a grumpy feeling as a result. Now I feel like a jerk for not forcing myself to pretend I wasn't grumpy.
  • 16:35:01: Got some pictures taken for a post I'll be making later this week. Walked around in the wrong shoes. I have blisters on my feet. Ouch! :(
  • 16:36:20: I have the bedroom windows open for some fresh air for a bit. And to please the kitties. Jack is pleased. I am a little chilly. But not bad.
  • 22:13:12: Look! New photos! things I've been doing http://tinyurl.com/4os3fx2
  • 23:58:49: RT @Photojojo: Nothing less than AMAZING: self-portrait recreations of romance novel covers. http://bit.ly/fn4EMk

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