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my poor feet! - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
my poor feet!
I could not sleep last night. I think it's the terrible schedule I've been keeping for the last week or so. So I was awake. And awake. And awake. I only ended up getting a few hours because I had to get up this morning to go take some pictures. I'm going to do a giveaway on my business site for my birthday. One of the things I'll be giving away is a bottle of the raspberry balsamic vinegar that I LOVE. Before then, I want to make a post about the shop so there's a little bit of context. My birthday is Monday, so time is running short for all of this posting.

I wore the wrong shoes to be walking around. So now I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet. So painful! Poor me. :(

I'm in yahoo chat. I don't know why. It's been a little entertaining this week.

I have cranberry juice. I still don't like it but I was having some bladder issues last week. Thought I'd take care of that before it became a thing.
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