~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

From Twitter 01-27-2011

  • 00:22:11: Photo: This is so pretty! Makes me wish I didn’t hate how blue faded for me. Think I’ll stick with pink. http://tumblr.com/xbt1cujcxw
  • 09:56:34: RT @ahuntre: Happy 255th Birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You look fab.
  • 10:29:47: third day this week that I've had a meeting at the magic bean. which is good. I like having reasons to go there!
  • 13:09:04: Video: I haven’t seen this in so long! I love re-finding favorite internet things! http://tumblr.com/xbt1cyrint
  • 14:37:39: ran out of space on my backup drive. bleah.
  • 15:32:19: I have some new flavored Stevia to try but I don't know if I feel like having more coffee. I might as well I guess.
  • 15:46:38: I have misplaced my lip balm. Drat.
  • 15:49:29: Oh wait, no I didn't. It was trying to hide under the keyboard.
  • 20:53:21: I have not accomplished nearly as much as I was wanting to today.
  • 23:21:35: Look! New photos! 01/27/11 reflection http://tinyurl.com/493k8me

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