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From Twitter 12-17-2010

  • 15:18:18: at the vet with gma's kitty, Brother. I hope he's gonna be ok. they're doing blood work right now. poor Brother. :(
  • 15:43:54: and people wonder how I got so far into debt.
  • 16:16:18: it has been an awfully long time. it was only supposed to take 20 minutes. hope it's all going ok.
  • 16:20:00: blood work looks normal. waiting for FIV/fe leuk results.
  • 16:25:37: Brother http://twitpic.com/3guxm2
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So after all that they still don't know exactly what's wrong with him. But we were able to rule out a lot. He was negative for FIV, feline leukemia, and heartworms. His blood work came back looking good and normal except for his red cells. He has plenty of them but they're abnormal. And this could be from some chronic issue. Or it could be cancer. And without further testing it's hard to rule out certain things. So for the moment, we're treating the symptoms and seeing how that goes.

Yesterday was so traumatic for him. Just all of it. And as we were waiting to leave, he pooped on himself. And it was all runny and stinky and gross. So they took him back and washed him off, which *really* freaked him out. And so he pooped again when I got him back in the carrier. So he had to be washed. Again. Then he pooped again and that time it was just a tiny bit and could be wiped with a couple baby wipes. And I decided to just let him be. And he was fine all the way home. I felt so bad for him. You could see just how awful he found it by the way he was laying there in the carrier. He's freaked out about everything normally. Without going anywhere new and having strange people poke and prod him and jab needles into him.

He had blood drawn and subcutaneous fluids. And she took his temperature. And she felt him all over. Apparently, his kidneys feel weird but are functioning fine according to the blood tests.
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