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From Twitter 11-30-2010 - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
From Twitter 11-30-2010
  • 16:07:50: Only few hours left to work. Perhaps I should have started before late afternoon. Needed to sleep though.
  • 18:04:19: I cannot wait until Mike is done watching whatever loud thing he is watching. Makes it hard to think, much less teach myself anything.

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I finally really got to work on all the site stuff on Tuesday night. I got everything done that was on my list. Got everything written that needed writing. Then it was just a matter of putting it all in place. Installing the template and tweaking it. Aaaand then my site died. I didn't know why. I was freaking out. It led to me being up all night. I had almost everything done. All that remained was making the Welcome/announcement/contest post and then posting the link to facebook.

I think this probably continues into the next entry. So I'll explain more there.
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