~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

From Twitter 11-28-2010

  • 02:11:00: "Regretfully, we give you Cougar Town" I'm amused by the little title extras.
  • 02:36:55: My throat drop is giving me a pep talk. I believe I like it!
  • 02:50:24: I am almost willing to forgive it for containing aspartame.
  • 15:48:41: slept so late! feel like I could sleep some more. head still full o snot.
  • 18:32:50: it would seem that a took a bit of a liking to pumpkin pie this year. weird.
  • 19:41:34: I like man vs food.
  • 20:32:00: I'm so tired of being sick. :p
  • 22:03:10: there is still so much work to do

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Sunday kinda sucked. I had tons of work to still get done before relaunching my site and I still felt sick. Really yucky. So I didn't do much of anything except whine and watch Man vs Food with Mike. Stupid cold.

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