~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

From Twitter 11-27-2010

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Everything posted yesterday. Don't know what the deal was but it looks like they may have fixed it. Had book club last night. Got about halfway through the book. It wasn't the first time I read it though so that helped.

We had dinner (Stuffed chicken breast, cheesy potatoes, rolls, chocolate! yum!) and conversation. Heather is sick and snot filled too. Plus she had a headache and by the end of the night she felt quite unwell. :( So we ended a little earlier than usual. Our next book is David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice. I've been wanting to read it, so that's good.

I stopped at Walmart on my way home for drugs. Took some night time sinus stuff before bed and slept for a long time. I was up late though anyway watching things on hulu. I still have quite a bit to go before I'm caught up on my queue.
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