~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

From Twitter 11-26-2010

  • 15:56:07: helped Barb finish up her shed. I held bolts in place.
  • 20:42:29: oh god. that turkey carcass smells like death. ugh.
  • 21:41:30: "Do not lick my pie!"
  • 23:06:14: Ok so I can't even fill out a support ticket about my missing tweets. Error message. Screw you, twitter. >:(

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Ok so here were my actual posts:

Seriously, more posts that didn't post last night. WHY IS TWITTER EATING MY TWEETS??? Grr, twitter, grrr.
Sent: Nov.26.10-02.46.34PM

and my car doesn't want to go. grr, car, grrrr. >:(
Sent: Nov.26.10-02.47.11PM

so text posts seem to go through just fine. wtf, twitter?
Sent: Nov.26.10-02.48.41PM

helped Barb finish up her shed. I held bolts in place.
Sent: Nov.26.10-03.56.01PM

next: to Kroger for g-ma. good thing Steve let me use his car.
Sent: Nov.26.10-03.57.37PM

so tired today.
Sent: Nov.26.10-05.05.28PM

I have coffee. it may or may not help.
Sent: Nov.26.10-06.06.56PM

I'm such a sap. that Christian the lion video makes me cry every time I see it.
Sent: Nov.26.10-07.49.17PM

oh god. that turkey carcass smells like death. ugh.
Sent: Nov.26.10-08.42.25PM

"Do not lick my pie!"
Sent: Nov.26.10-09.41.25PM

And I think that pretty much sums up my day. My car didn't want to start. Again after a bunch of rain. It started later though. After everything was more dry. Started fine all today. I'm going to see if I can get it in to find out what the problem is next week. Grr, car. Grrr. I borrowed Steve's car and went out to my grandma's. I helped barb with the last screws of her shed. Then went to Kroger and bought yogurt and lottery tickets for my grandma. Bread was also on the list but they didn't have what she wanted. We watched youtube videos for a while and I showed her my new site layout. Last night I finished Holly's birth photos. I was up super late. But I'm so glad to have them done. I have less time than I thought I had to get everything done. I don't know why, but I thought December 1st was on Thursday. But it's Wednesday. Alas.

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