~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

So far so good on the coughing today

Ugh. For about the last two weeks I've had a cough. About a week in, I went to see my NP and she thought it was probably irritated lungs. No other sick symptoms going on, no fever, etc. She prescribed two inhalers. I started on those a few days ago. Some things improved, and some got so much worse! OMG. I rattled less. My breathing got easier. But the coughing. Oh, lord. The coughing. WORST EVER. I'm pretty sure it's the worst coughing I have experienced ever in my life. And my muscles hurt!

But today, things seem to be going better. I've only coughed a few times and when I did, it wasn't so bad. I have high hopes here.

In other news, Barb is probably going to be moving in with my grandma for a while while she gets her situation figured out. They are going to make each other crazy. It's not going to go well. So Barb is cleaning out and trying to de-mold my old room. Which means all my drawings are coming down. The ones in the actual bedroom are for sure toast, since they were in chalk. But the ones in the closet were pencil and crayon. I'm sure they aren't going to make it either. It makes me sad! I was so pleased about them!
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