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sick, bleah. plus some other stuff. - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
sick, bleah. plus some other stuff.
Jack is currently being aggressively lovey with my computer. And he's kneading on my knee.

Let's see. I've been sick. Started feeling it a little Monday. Tuesday I felt yucky. But that's when Holly had the baby, so I had to just suck it up and get myself to the hospital to photograph the birth. That went really well. I'll be able to get my marketing materials ready so I can try to book some maternity/birth/newborn sessions. We'll see.

I felt yucky yesterday too but I promised Holly I'd have some pictures for her for facebook/emailing first thing. So I worked a bit yesterday. Then took a nap. Then spent the evening on my ass watching the rest of Dexter.

Today I plan to do no work at all. I'm going to spend the day internetting, dvd watching, napping, and taking drugs.
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