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weekend and beyond (birthday part 2)

Saturday night Steve came and picked me up after the job. We went and slept (not enough) until we had to get up the next morning. We met his parents and Will & Terri for brunch. Yay yummy food. They gaveme presents. That was neat. Bonnie and I got matching fleecy things! I took pictures of her in hers. Go look. Steve also tried it on! I thought it was amusing and cute. He thought he looked silly. I ate too much but had a nice time and had some fruit! so thats always good! yay fruit! They also gave me a hello kitty key chain, another scarf (that doesn't match Bonnie's) and a card with some gift cards to Trade Secret.

After we left the restaurant we went to the mall and went to Trade Secret to see if there was anything I was interested in. I picked up some little samples of colored hair gel to try. I thought Steve might look neat with some red or blue sections. That was all I could find at the time so we moved on to Victoria's Secret. They had sent me a $10 off card in the mail for my birthday. I had no hopes of finding anything in their lingerie section so we went over to the cosmetic side. The girl didn't seem much like she wanted to help me. She tried a couple lipsticks on me and a gloss before I found a gloss I wanted. I also got some pear spray (I missed that stuff) and some pear bubble bath. I went looking to see if I could find anything to wear that night (I was also looking for a different shirt. something black, long or 3/4 sleeved, that could be dressed up or down. didnt find it though). We went into Express just because they were having some super sales and I found a shirt and tank top to wear together. Yay!

When we got tired of the mall we went to check times on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We had an hour to kill so we went to Sally's so I could buy hair dye. I was going to pick up a highlighting kit too but I didn't find what I was looking for. We went to Target so I could get that. I also git a puffy scrubby back brush. (I'm gonna be all set for baths) Target is good fir time killing so we went straight from there to the movie. I really really liked it. Really really. Go see it.

We went to Hunan for yummy chinese food for dinner. I took more pictures of their fish. I got more pictures of the one in my icon and also of the frowny one. It amuses me. When we left there we went home to pretty up and figure out what we were doing for the night. I talked to Matt and I talked to Aubrey (she said she was tired but would take me out to lunch). We decided to go to Bay City and to get a room there (at the Holiday EEEiin) because they had had their St Patrick's day celebrating going on and the bars were supposed to be fun. We met up with Matt and Matt's friend Kevin and had a couple drinks. There weren't that many people out. They must have gottena ll partied out earlier. That was ok though we managed. We left there and went somewhere that ended up being evern *quieter* and stayed there til the place closed at midnight. I guess it wasn't too bad. We got some taco bell and went to sleep pretty early. Well Steve did. But he snores and I wanted to smother him. I refrained though... I got a few hours in. We got up around 8 something though and decided to just go home. We stopped for breakfast and then went home and slept til 3. That as much much nicer. He had Breathe Right strips and we had the air conditioner for white noise and to not roast. Much better. We treated Monday like Sunday and it was nice. We went grocery shopping and I got some huge loaves of French bread for 79 cents. That made me happy. I made us some kickass garlic toast. We watched Porky's and then I came home.

I talked to Aubrey last night and I agreed to come over aroun 11 or 11:30 and we were going out to lunch. It ended up being a little later than that when we went but that was cool. We went and had good food and a few drinks. We chilled and talked for a while afterward. Nice afternoon. :D

Assorted pictures:



Matt's friend Kevin


pretty drinks we drank today


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