~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

kind of a blah day

I had a headache last night and tried, unsuccessfully, to go to bed early. So I got back up, took two tylenol and a half-dose of sominex. That knocked me out. I barely remember a thunderstorm somewhere in there. I woke up enough to unplug my computer & phone. Then I was out again. Having a hard time shaking that sleepy, out of it feeling.

So. Yesterday. I hung out with Mike for quite a bit of the day. Brought my laptop with me and he ordered his new computer. He can be the guinea pig. If what we're going to try to do works, then I'll likely order one for me within the month.

I'm reading a book: Secrets of Six Figure Women. It's something I picked up when on my last Barnes & Noble binge. I'm not too far into it but so far, I like it. It's good to read that there are other people out there (and successful people at that!) who suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Always worrying that someone is going to call you out as the fraud you are. I'm thinking I might go through with a highlighter and mark the things that really jump out at me. Because there have been a few, and I know I'll want to reference them later.

I just got really sidetracked when trying to look up the link to that book and ended up looking at John Mayer's tumblr. I do like reading him. I know lots of people think he's a douche bag. But I enjoy him.

I'm making coffee. I don't know if it will help with my overall sluggishness today or not. Maybe. It'll be good, anyway.

Zumba was good last night. So hot though. I sweat a ton anyway, but especially last night. It was awful. But good. But awful. Love it. Wish I could do it every day.

It seems like there were a few more things I planned on writing about....

Oh. I did have some strange dreams but I only sort of remember the last one. I was in a house/apartment house(?) with a few people and I don't know how many of them lived there. Aubrey and Justin sometimes and Nick and some other people. The little kitty was there and another little kitty. I don't know who she was there with. But I was all worried about her getting outside. Now I'm thinking that she might have been Aubrey's because in the dream Aubrey insisted we take them outside and I was opposed. We were out in the yard and one of them tried to make a run for it. Some big tall kid grabbed the kitty by the tail, then was swinging her around in a circle by her tail before tossing her. And I was really, really angry and got all up in his face yelling and swearing. I may have pushed him once too. I don't know. Strange.

The little kitty was very lovey this morning. I wasn't done sleeping yet. She got up on the bed with me and was licking my hands and purring purring purring. Cute, but not easy to sleep through.

Coffee time!

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