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So yesterday took some unexpected turns

06/09/10 wee robin

Tuesday night, Pat told me about a wee robin that she noticed in the yard. A fledgling. I didn't know if he would be ok out by himself all night so I brought him in and he spent the night in a shoebox in my shower. I talked to my bird lady the next morning and she assured me that it was fine. Fledglings spend a few days on the ground and as long as the parents were taking care of him and bringing him food, it was fine. They were and I watched him all day Wednesday. Making sure nothing tried to get him. I last saw him just before dark on Wednesday and then I went to watch an episode of True Blood. I planned to check on him after that and make sure he was still fine. When the episode was over, I couldn't find him and I freaked out and called Pat to see if she relocated him. She said she had put him in a pot in her garage and would put him out the next morning before she went to school (about 7).

I checked on him at around 11 and he didn't look right. He wasn't holding himself up and seemed lethargic and not right. I called my bird lady and I was going to take him to her to be checked out. But he died before we even left. This got me so so down. I was so upset. I watched him all day! And he was fine! And I don't know what happened! And it doesn't do me any good to what if about it because in the end, I still won't know what happened. So I'm very sad about it and I feel like I should have paid closer attention. Taken him in myself the night before. Checked on him earlier. Because I don't know what went wrong. And what if it was something that could have been prevented...

After he died, I was going to take him to my grandma's to bury him. I was just setting out driving there, when Mike called me to tell me he had found an abandoned kitten. She's about 7 or 8 weeks old. She's friendly and playful. I need to find her a home. She can't stay here. I have 5 already. But it's so hard to find someone! Usually people who want cats have all they want and then some. And people who don't have them don't want them or can't have them. I'm hoping to find someone soon. I've put the word out with my vet and on my facebook.

Look at how cute she is!

06/10/10 abandoned kitten
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