~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

there is a kitty in my closet.

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just happened to look up and there was Biscuit on the shelf in the closet.

Yesterday went well. After my accomplishments with Barb, I internetted for a while. I toastedso pecans for the trifle.

Then Mary and Mikale came over. They took my car to get the oil change (yay!) and got it washed and did a couple other things. It was part of my birthday present. She also scolded me about not getting my oil changed often enough. And she's right. I intended to. And then it didn't happen. I need to make sure it happens more often.

I gave Mary a few photos. I had a couple 8x10s for her, a couple 4x6s, and a photo magnet. Cute! They come in a set of 2. My grandma has the other.

Now Biscuit is on the window sill peeking out at the birds.

After Mary and Mikale left, I got to work on my trifle. I make such a mess when I make things. I was worried that it wouldn't turn out as well this time since I bought a cake instead of making one. And it probably would have been better with a freshly made, non-iced cake. It was still really good though.

I took a shower, got dressed, and headed to Heather's only a tiny bit late. So that worked out ok. We had a few drinks, and dinner, and discussed the book. Plus a whole lot of other things. We would start out talking about the book and then end up somewhere completely different. That's the best part.

Somewhere in there my head started to really hurt. So that sucked. And I was so hot. Sweating. But I don't know if that might have just been me. Don't know what the deal was. I felt much better when I woke up today. So that was good. My head feels like it might want to start hurting again though.

I'm trying to work up the ambition to get on with the day. I need to do the showering/dressing/getting ready for the day things. I want to make some coffee. I need to go to the store for my grandma. And I have a package waiting for me there. So far I've accomplished next to nothing though.

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