~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

knocking things off the to-do list. yay!

I planted a tree today! (http://twitpic.com/1u6tpp/full) It's a baby paulownia and I don't know if it will survive. I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best for it.

Also got the front door screen put in.

Next on my to-do list is toasting pecans and then putting together my trifle for tonight. It's book club night!

My meeting yesterday went well. I met the girl and her mother. They were both nice. And we set up a shoot for her on June 19th. I still haven't heard anything back from the other two families. *sigh* oh well I guess.

I have all of my senior girl's grandparents' order in now. Now I just need to get my packaging put together and make it look all pretty. I need to buy a white gift bag and some white tissue paper.

I made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Mmmm.

Now I'm thinking about coffee. I should probably drink it instead of thinking about it. Might be more effective that way. :p
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