~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

business is frustrating. still. plus some other stuff. probably.

I have a meeting today. Just like I had a meeting on Wednesday. And one last Sunday. The main difference is that I think this one will actually happen. The people will really be there. So that's good.

It's just so frustrating. I never heard from the Sunday people at all. I finally left them a message yesterday, when I thought I'd be able to do it without sounding as annoyed as I felt. Haven't heard anything back so far.

I talked to the Wednesday mom. She wasn't sure if they would be able to make it because the daughter had a big test. That was fine. But she was supposed to call me back to let me know for sure. I tried calling her later and had no luck. Called the daughter on her cell yesterday and she was supposed to pass along the message to mom. Haven't heard from her.

Called today's people yesterday to confirm and talked to the dad. He was supposed to have the mom call me. Didn't happen. So I called a little while ago. Found out that she needs to change the location. Good to know. So now instead of meeting at the coffee shop near me, we're meeting at a restaurant in St. Charles. A 30-40 minute drive away for me.

All three of these were from the pageant I helped judge. I was giving away a few free sessions. Helps to get my work out there, my name out there, and to get some new faces in my book.

This is all just so hard! And I'm beginning to worry. I went to the unemployment office a couple days ago. I have my unemployment lined up for another 10 weeks but I don't know what happens after that. And really, what I want is for the business to start picking up. I'd like to be able to support myself. It's not like I suck at it! The business part, maybe. Probably. But not the photography! And while I'm not cheap, I'm also not way out of range of the other local studios. And my work stands up!

I'm just not sure how to meet the right people. I know they're here. But how to reach them and show them that I exist and that I'm awesome.

In other news, I finished my book club book ahead of schedule. So I'll be able to take part in the discussion! Wee! And I did my shopping yesterday. I have food. And the stuff to make my trifle for Saturday. Mmmm. I'm going to have to talk myself into toasting pecans tomorrow. Probably not going to want to do that. But I will. I'm the one who decided not to go the easier (but not nearly as tasty) route.

Now I ought to wash my face and brush my hair. I have a dress I bought last year that needs shoes. I really ought to wear it to the store to try to pick out shoes. And it's not as hot today so I won't be a sweaty mess. That's a bonus.
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