~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

the daily twitter

  • 09:53 John is coming to get g-ma's couch. I'm going to miss it! My living room is going to look weird! #
  • 10:45 I suppose it should be time to get showered and dressed and over yo g-ma's. #
  • 12:11 we will be hunting for easter eggs a little later. #
  • 13:39 ok perhaps not "we". I wanted to. It was my original plan when thinking up this party. But I got scolded for looking for eggs. so whatever. #
  • 13:49 and now I'm scolded for being displeased. #
  • 13:51 guess it's time to put on my pleasant face. #
  • 14:14 ok I guess I feel a little better #
  • 15:08 It's raining! #
  • 15:12 Grandma's couch is finally in grandma's house! twitpic.com/1cyf7y #
  • 16:15 Don't know what I'm doing tonight. Thought I knew but now I'm not so sure. #
  • 16:23 power just went out #

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