~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

should be in bed by now

But I'm not. Obviously. I'm heading in that direction soonish though.

Today I did a bunch of photo processing. Finally making my way toward caught up. Today I left off somewhere in February of 2008. Exciting! If I'm extra ambitious tomorrow, I'll do a picture post with a bunch of stuff. Well, mostly pictures of kitties. And even then, mostly pictures of Biscuit. I'm kinda tired of processing kitty pics. But It's mostly because there has been such a high concentration of them in the things I've been working on. If they were broken up by photos of other things too, it would be easier. Oh well.

Otherwise, today included Zumba, some blogging... and that's about it. I downloaded some more pinkletoes stuff. I'm trying to stay on top of that so I don't have to spent hours and hours doing it if I get behind. I did that before. Sucked. I should start trying to use this stuff. I've been spending a lot of time reading through the forum too. Helpful stuff.

I'm getting discouraged though. I just don't know what else I should be doing. I know the best advertisement is word of mouth... but I don't seem to have enough mouths getting that word out. And the nay sayers say oh the economy blah blah blah. But no. People are getting photos done. People are even getting photos done by places that are not bottom of the barrel Walmart/Sears/Olan Mills type places. They are! So that's not it. So what is it? And what can I be doing that I'm not doing. To get the clients that are the right fit for me. People who understand the value and appeal of custom portraiture. The kind that takes the kind of effort and work that I put into it.


I have a project I'm going to start as soon as I get my ass in gear. It will likely, at best, very indirectly be a positive thing for my business. It's a personal project. 50 strangers. I will likely blog about it on my business site. Maybe make a book when I'm finished. I'm excited. But it's scary. Talking to strangers. Approaching them in the first place. OMG! Seriously, scary. So that's going to be the hard part. Taking those first steps. Getting the ball rolling. I hope that after that... it will get easier?

It will be good for me to meet people.

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