~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

photos: today's shopping trip with grandma

We went to get her free food. But then we stopped at Save A Lot and later went to Meijer.

02/24/10 chocolatey bunny with baby

I'm not sure if that's a baby bunny on it's back or not. But it sure is cute!

02/24/10 Dr. Jack and Nurse Nancy at Save A Lot

Dr. Jack and Nurse Nancy. Let's get those gender stereotypes going early!

02/24/10 Football Player Ben and Cheerleader Samantha at Save A Lot

And again! Here we have Football Player Ben and Cheerleader Samantha! (ugh)

02/24/10 Policeman Dan & Billy Bandit at Save A Lot

This one isn't so bad. Policeman Dan and Billy Bandit. Billy Bandit is cute. And what is he stealing there, lettuce??

02/24/10 grandma with bananas at Save A Lot

Grandma trying to pick out some not too green bananas.

02/24/10 fruit at Save A Lot


02/24/10 fish at Meijer

Fishies at Meijer.

02/24/10 fish at Meijer

More fishies at Meijer.
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