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book club and a flat tire

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. I'm sure some of that was how late I slept in. I managed to make it to the gym for a mini session though. So yay for that! I also made it to my grandma's to pick up my mail and my camera and visit a little. But I had to run before too long to head to kroger to buy a cake for the trifle.

The trifle came together quite nicely. Strawberry shortcakeish. It seemed to be well liked by all.

The layers, for anyone curious.

Cubed vanilla pudding cake (any vanilla-y or buttery dense cake should work well for this. Pound cake would be good)
Vanilla pudding
Smashed up strawberries mixed with thawed whipped topping.

Layer, repeat, mmm.

Dropped of a mini version of trifle to Justin before heading to Heather's. I had to keep reaching down to steady my trifle as I drove so it wouldn't fall over on the floor of my car (again).

We had breakfast for dinner, talked, discussed the book (The Handmaid's Tale), chose our next book and looked through old photos. At one point Heather's husband came in with the sad news that I had a very flat tire. And it was. I should have taken a picture. He was awesome, though, and changed it for me. So now my spare is on there and I really need to see how I can manage to get some usable money so I can go to the tire place and give it to them. Boooo.

I'm going to see if Barb will go with me.
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