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This was fun! I should post this to my chat log journal too. I think I will. So I'll cut this.

Omegle conversation log
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hello and welcome!
You: Hello random stranger!
Stranger: please have a seat!
You: done!
Stranger: Are you ready to be amazed??
You: definitely
Stranger: like totally amazed.
Stranger: Okay okay
Stranger: will you answer 2 questions for me before we start??
Stranger: very basic questions
You: mmk
Stranger: question number 1
Stranger: Are you female or male?
You: female
Stranger: question number 2
Stranger: What time is it?
You: 3:16 p.m.
Stranger: Excellent now we can being
Stranger: begin*
Stranger: I will ask you 3 simple yes or no questions and deduce your life in a nutshell
You: oh fun!
Stranger: Are you ready to play??!
You: go for it
Stranger: First question
Stranger: Is it sunny or cloudy right now?
You: that's not a yes or no question! :)
You: it's cloudy
Stranger: lol ooops
Stranger: :D
Stranger: Have you had snow in the past 3 days?
You: yes. stupid winter.
Stranger: final question
Stranger: Are you in the northern portion of the USA?
You: yes. usually that would be a given, but there has been snow all over lately, hasn't there?
Stranger: I predict that you are...
Stranger: a sophmore in college
Stranger: :D
You: nope! not for quite some time!
Stranger: bummer
Stranger: you win a prize
Stranger: You are the smartest person I have ever met and it has been quite a pleasure talking to you.
Stranger: (it's a compliment)
Stranger: :D
You: compliments are lovely.
Stranger: please excuse as I need to use the little boys room
You: *nods*
Stranger: wow my 1 audience member stuck around!
Stranger: amazing!!
Stranger: would like to play for double or nothing
Stranger: ?
You: sure!
Stranger: now that I have sufficient knowledge of you...
You: one moment while I refresh my coffee
Stranger: I will ask 3 yes or no questions to deduce your life!
Stranger: oh okay sure (gathers more information)
Stranger: I'll write the questions down so they'll be easier to answer
You: ok. I am ready!
Stranger: 1. Is this the proper use of the word, "Their is something wrong with that boy"
Stranger: their being the word
Stranger: 2. Did you graduate from college?
You: no! and there/their/they're is one o
You: there/their/they're is one of my word peeves when mixed up/misused
You: yes
You: no on their, yes on college. :)
Stranger: 3. Will you be happier in 5 years than you are now
Stranger: ?
You: oh goodness, I hope so!
Stranger: And now with my powers of deduction
Stranger: I deduce
Stranger: that you
Stranger: Have 2 cars, both of which are 4 door sedans
Stranger: :)
You: and... wrong again!
You: oh no!
Stranger: omg
Stranger: ...
Stranger: and now for your prize...
Stranger: It's such a shame there aren't more people like you in the world. You make my life so much happier. I really appreciate your positive attitude
Stranger: BUT WAIT!
Stranger: There's more
Stranger: little did you know that I was tricking you the first 2 rounds in order to make my grandest prediction of all!
You: oooh
Stranger: 3 more questions and you will be SHOCKED
Stranger: SHOCKED I tell you
Stranger: QUESTION NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!1
Stranger: Does your name contain 4 more or letters in its formal form?
Stranger: 4 or more*
You: yes
Stranger: Are any of the letters doubled or have 3 in your name?
Stranger: i.e. 2 l's or 3 r's?
You: no
Stranger: And for the final question
Stranger: Is your hair color brown?
You: not at present! it might be something resembling brown if allowed to do its own thing. but it's not allowed. :)
Stranger: ...?
Stranger: lol let me rephase
Stranger: is your natural hair color brunette?
You: yeah probably somethingn close to that. but I've been messing with it since I was in high school :)
You: *something
You: so we'll go with yes!
Stranger: Your name is....
Stranger: Emily
Stranger: O_O
Stranger: O_O
Stranger: O_O
You: aaaaand
You: no
Stranger: ...............................
Stranger: Well stranger I have no more compliments to give
Stranger: but what I can give is advice
Stranger: And here it is
Stranger: "Don't talk to strangers"
Stranger: :)
You: but strangers can be fun!
Stranger: Have a good day stranger from the northeast
You: thank you. you too!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Tags: omegle

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