~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

night out for Heather's birthday

Sarah picked me up and we went to Heather's to pick her up. Then it was on to Lucky's in Bay City for dinner. Mmm food. It was really good too. I had a pecan crusted chicken salad. And a side of macaroni and cheese. These things totally don't go together but I don't care! It was really tasty. So whatever.

After dinner, we came back to Saginaw and went for drinks at the Mixx. We grabbed a few drinks, a few shots, and found a table. We watched/listened to the karaoke singers. Kristyn brought over a few suck & blow jello shots for us (Yay Kristyn!) and told us what to do with them. Heather and Sarah did the first one (Heather sucked, Sarah blew) and I was getting the second one ready to go when some dude came over to our table and asked if we smoked. He introduced himself (his name was Justin) and said that he was looking for a cigarette. When we told him we didn't smoke, he said his friends wanted to meet us and called over another 3 guys. They all arranged themselves at our table. They were so young! Young looking anyway. There was a Zack (he looked like a Jonas brother) and a Ricky (?) and I already forgot what the other guy's name was. I got the impression that they work together but I have no idea what. So the Jonas brother was to my left, Ricky, then Justin were to my right and the nameless dude (sorry dude!) was across from me. They were all very lively and amusing.

Justin finally got his cigarette. He got one from Sam that works there and then some guy came up and gave him two more. Then the guy left. I said (not even thinking in the way it came out) "hey it was the cigarette fairy!" and nameless dude across from me said "oh that was wrong on so many levels!" Hrm. Not what I meant, nameless dude!

Justin and the Jonas brother seemed to have some routine going. Sounded like it was quoting something. They had all these questions and I can't remember most of them. And I had no idea what it was from. 'Is your mother home? Do you like pizza? What color is your underwear? Do you wanna watch Family Guy?' There was more but I don't remember. Anyway, they seemed very amused with themselves. At one point, the Jonas brother asked us what we were out celebrating and I told him Heather's birthday. So he asked her if she wanted a birthday kiss. She laughed, and he said he'd take that as a yes, and went over & planted one on her. Good job Jonas brother boy!

There were a couple amusing singers, including some guy really getting into his Meatloaf song, and Sasquatch, who is apparently more well known than I realized. He sang "Da Butt." That was something. I do have a little bit of video from that but it's really, sadly, very dark. I'll upload it anyway. It's amusing.

Eventually the boys moved on to other places. We moved over to the other side where the dancing happens. My 4th grade teacher was there. Always weirds me out. Also, his dancing is awesome. And amuses me. I have video of that too. Again, sadly, too dark. I wanted to try to lighten it up but Windows Movie Maker won't open mp4 files, apparently. So I was denied. And my videos will go unlightened. Alas!

We got Heather nicely drunk. She's cute. We left at 2 and Sarah drove us home. Yay Sarah!


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