~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

weekend - might be a busy one.

Tonight I'll be going out with Justin. There will be dancers. I'll take my Flip so he can play with it.

Last night I made heart cookies. They look a little more like testicles to me, but it works I guess.

02/11/10 heart cookies? testicle cookies?

See? I may take a better picture later when I have Mike's camera just to show how much they don't look like hearts in some cases.

And that reminds me. My camera. For a long time I had been having issues with it. This stupid CHA Error that I don't understand and don't like. So I (finally, after months and months and months of just ignoring it and borrowing Mike's camera) sent it off to Nikon. Their estimate for fixing it: $250. So sad! Poor me! So I sent them the money and hopefully when my camera comes back it will be all better and will not do bad annoying things any more. Cross your fingers and toes for me peeps. I don't want to have to deal with whatever would come next if it's not back and in perfect working order.

Back to the weekend.

Tomorrow night will be our girly outing for Heather's birthday, which is on Sunday. Sarah is going to be picking me up tomorrow night (yay!) and we're doing dinner and drinks. Then on Sunday is more Heather birthday celebration that he husband put together. I need to get a card and gift. I also need to get a card for Mikale. I bought him a cute valentine's themed webkinz frog. It's very cute and I'm sure he'll like it. He'll also get some cookies.

My hands are cold and I really should get to my grandma's. When I come home after, I'll shower for tonight. And hopefully I won't hate all my clothes and will manage to find something to wear. I only made it to the gym twice this week. That's better than only once though, right?

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