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yay lush

I spent about 2 minutes in the shower before deciding to take a bath and read for a while. So I started rnning the water and went to find some more of my Lush order. I still had the Ceridwen's Cauldren melt and the Double Bubble bar. I decided on the bath melt and dug up a book. I soaked for quite a while and read some... it was nice. The melt is really moisturizing... smells very lavender-y though and I'm not a big fan of lavender. It was still nice though. I was thinking about things I could mix together to make bath melt stuff of my own... I'll have to dig my supplies out and experiment with it. Not right now though. I have a headache.

I'm going to go look for something to take for it that doesn't have caffeine in it. I've been trying to keep off it as much as possible to avoid the withdrawl headaches on the weekends...

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