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laundry time! - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
laundry time!
I'm actually doing some laundry. Not because I need to, mind you. I probably have enough socks and underwear now to go at least 4 months. I should count it up one of these days and see just how long I could really go. I'm not joking though. It's at least 3 months. I know because I've really gone that long before and I have even more now than I did then. Crazy!

But I decided I wanted some of my black underwear back in the rotation and I have a couple white bras that need rescuing. So laundry time it is! I just got around do putting away the pink/purple load I did a couple weeks ago. Lazy lazy.

That is all.

No, wait. That is not all. Today I'm going to Victoria's Secret because I bought a bra on sale but I had to buy it in the wrong size because they didn't have the size I wanted. So now they do have what I want and I need to go exchange. I am not happy with VS because they have put my bra of choice on clearance. This is sad because this particular bra does fantastic things for my breasts and that's just not an easy thing to find at my size. So boooooo VS. And grr. And more grrrr. Now I'm torn about whether to hunt down more of them before they're gone. They have them on the website but they're about $7 more than in the store. Plus there would be shipping. But there is no guarantee that I'd find any in the store. So grr some more.

Now that is all.
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ainabarad From: ainabarad Date: January 9th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I think I know what ya mean!!! I've tried on soooo many fucking bras over the years to no avail. One time I tried on almost every single one Walmart had and didn't find a damn one that fit how I wanted it to (I could usually find ONE). Anyway, last time I really needed/wanted a bra I had a coupon for like $10 off a $20 purchase at Kohl's (I usually prefer not spending more than $10 or $12 on a good bra) so I opted to try there and OMG I found the best damn bra ever that fit exactly like I wanted it to!!! For real!!! OMG, it does things for my boobs that no other bra has completely succeeded at!!! Overall, I honestly dislike wearing bras, but sometimes it's nice to wear them, especially when ya want to look your best and appear to have boobage even bigger than what ya got, eh? *huge huggles*

Oh and don't sweat the laundry thing. I can be super lazy there so you definitely aren't alone!!! <3 black undies... Speaking of which, I really need to eventually get new undies sometime. A lot of mine are slowly biting the dust because I tend to favor certain ones and need/want them washed once a week.
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