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the daily twitter - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
the daily twitter

  • 10:15 Drinking coffee. Trying to get rid of my headache. So much to do. There will be lots of butter involved. #
  • 11:52 I need to get motivated! Help! #
  • 12:34 Straining (or filtering, if you prefer) the skittle vodka. About to start the truffles. #
  • 13:02 Muffin is getting a time out. #
  • 13:52 I already have a blister and I'm just getting started. Poor me! :( #
  • 14:07 Time to make the cookie bars! I think. Might as well. I can't do the trees until I acquire more vanilla. #

  • 14:54 Look! New photos! skittle vodkas tinyurl.com/yendt6k #
  • 16:20 I enjoy the South Park dreidel song. #
  • 16:20 I have a happy purring Biscuit on my shoulder. He is going to have to move. #
  • 16:50 Barb is chopping apple for me. Caramel apple cake soon. Yay! #
  • 19:06 Making truffles. Only dropped a few of them on the floor. #
  • 19:49 Still straining vodkas. Probably will be forever. #
  • 20:16 Buttered rum batter time! @KevinBoyer did you ever mak
    e this? #
  • 22:24 I just burned my elbow on the oven door. Ow! #
  • 22:51 Look! New photos! Merry Christmas 2009 tinyurl.com/y9m3eoy #

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