~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

conversations with Aubrey

Two of the more amusing (to me) text exchanges I've had with Aubrey lately.

Dec. 4:

me: gotta hold Justin's eggs because he is drunk and afraid to hold them
Aubrey: Um, ok. Hi justin.
me: tell him he should get cage free eggs!
Aubrey: I am confused, but I will agree with whatever you say, [crushedglass]. Damnit, Justin! Get cage free eggs!
me: victory. thank you!
Aubrey: Anything for you, my darling. :) have a good night. Enjoy the well guarded eggs

Nov. 22:

Aubrey: Is it wierd I think Brokeback Mountain is hot?
me: nah
Aubrey: I am jealous. I want to have made out with Heath Ledger. He is a sexy beast
me: not anymore though. I don't think id want to make out with him now
Aubrey: No.... Even Heath can't escape decomposition. Sigh
Tags: amusing texts

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