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pink hair again! - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
pink hair again!
I'm sitting with my hair full of pink dye (covered by a shower cap - hawt!) having a True Blood binge with Steve.

Tomorrow in the early afternoon I'll rinse out the dye and see what kind of color I ended up with. I was really low on one of the colors I mix together. Usually I do a whole jar of cotton candy pink, half a jar of red passion (which looks bright pink), and a quarter of a jar of hot hot pink (which is a dark purplish pink). But I was way low on the hot hot pink. So I did the full jar of cotton candy, full jar of red passion, and a dollop of hot hot pink. Cross your fingers for me that it comes out nice. I guess if not, I can re-dye in a couple weeks. I've had to wash my hair so much lately since I've been going to the gym twice a day. I'll need to touch up pretty soon, I bet.

So tomorrow, my plans are to rinse my hair, go to my g-ma's, go to the gym and hit it hard enough to feel better about skipping today, and then go out with Justin.
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