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the daily twitter - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
the daily twitter

  • 00:49 drag show at mixx tonight. hot! #
  • 01:04 ran into a girl I think is absolutely adorable tonight. if I were going to go for a girl, she would totally be one of them. #
  • 01:05 I think Justin is self conscious about his sweater/sweatshirt. It's a little shorter than I'd like. #
  • 03:44 sleepy time. #
  • 14:37 I am hungry and dehydrated. I also feel fat. Bleah! On the bright side, my knees are not actually very bruised. It's not related, but good. #
  • 18:50 just had delicious blt. but now I'm stuffed & my mouth is all scraped up from the gr
    illed bread. it's like eating delicious knives or gravel #
  • 23:12 out again. mouth still hurts. listerine was particularly painful. #

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