~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

my morning so far

Woke up bright and early to meet Heather at the gym at 6 for day 2. We started out on treadmills for 25 mins before moving on to arm machines.

As I stepped off the end of the treadmill (it was not moving, this is all due to my graceless, clumsy self), I tripped over my foot and landed hard on both of my knees on the hard floor. Nothing catching my fall. All knee to floor. OMG. The pain! I'm going to have some super bruises I think.

After the workout, Heather and I went out to breakfast. I had 2 cups of iced coffee and that combined with all the early morning activity has led to me feeling pretty ambitious.

I came home, showered, sorted laundry, started first load, did some hair removal, and now here I am. I'll need to leave in a bit here to pick up my grandma. She has an eye appointment at 1:30 and I'm going to drive her there.

I am beginning to feel the lack of sleep. I look forward to napping today. And then probably going out tonight.
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