~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

annoyed! copied and pasted from an IM

ok so earlier, I finally got around to clearing off the second camera card. the not-lost one. obviously. which is how I knew that the missing card has pictures between jan 21 and may 15.

anyway. so after every thousand pictures, the camera creates a new folder on the card

the first folder was fine. beautiful. no problems.

the second folder is almost completely fucked up. somehow this is even worse than an entire lost card because I don't remember what's even on there. but this one... I know a lot of whats missing! all the pictures from the first day I did my hair, hundreds of pictures of steve's nephew on his 1st birthday, hundreds of pictures of aubrey's baby kitties the first time I went down there. all but 4 of the pictures I took at the sears tower, all the pictures from the 4th. pretty much everything from chicago is gone. and who knows what else that I didn't even have one or two of.

and then!

I was trying to back up from one drive to another and the drive I was copying from kept restarting in the middle of what it was doing so I had to do it in smaller and smaller pieces and keep doing it over and over. fucking electronics. I hate them right now.


oh. and I think I have a cut on the bottom of my foot and I feel a little nauseated from dinner. I think I had either poisoned salad or poisoned mocha. either way, bleah.

and grrr.
Tags: grrr

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