~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

today went fast

Had a fine and fabulous weekend. It involved probably too much alcohol. Oh well! Fun!

I drove a bunch yesterday.

Today Heather and I didn't walk until this evening. I was hot and sweaty. Mmm.

Then we went to the Bean. Coffee and salad. What a lady dinner. Oh well! But it did not agree with my tummy and I am still feeling a little sick. No good!

I think I should do something productive. Maybe clear off my one camera card before I manage to lose it too. Someone send me good 'find my other damn card' vibes. It makes me quite sad that it could be lost. So many pictures! :(

That's all I got. Off to do something now. It's lateish, but since I was drinking a 20oz mocha at 8, I don't see this being an early night. Like it would have been anyway, right?

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