~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

accomplished thigns on to do list

interestingly enough, so far I've gotten more messages from non freaks so far on buttercupsmiles.... which is interesitng since the profille is nearly identical to my regular one...

so I went and got my hair trimmed today... she said it was the first time she's even swept up pink hair from the floor and that she likes it...
she also said that I shouldnt need to come back til fall sometime as long as I continue taking good care of it... and since I always do then I should be all set.
I also finally got my pills which makes me happy. so now I can continue being not allergy-icky-itchy for free. and free is good and makes me happy.
I also picked up the tissue paper and set up the journal for my chatlogs...
I actually accomplished all the things on the list! yay! how often does *that* happen

bleah I'm eating a semiyucky sucker... but its cute...
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