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Twitter Plus for July 19, 2009 (Sun)

11:26 a.m. ice cream and strawberries for breakfast. yay!

I needed (NEEDED!) the rest of the strawberry sauce, which pretty much *is* just strawberries. So good.

2:25 p.m. Trying to motivate myself to do something besides sit here listening to music all day!

Hard when that seems like such an appealing way to spend the day! I seriously might have to start forcing myself out of bed earlier. Don't wanna. >:(

7:05 p.m. looked a bunches of movie trailers on youtube. brain is overwhelmed.

8:11 p.m. vh1 makes me wish I had cable.

VH1 is like crack. It's really probably for the best that I don't have cable. I'm unmotivated enough just having internet.

The rest of the evening: dinner then Iron Man with Mike. He hadn't seen it. I had but just love Robert Downey Jr. *sigh*
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