~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

I have no twitter plus for thre 17th!

Apparently I didn't post anything! So now we have to rely on me actually remembering how I spent my day! But... I don't actually.


I went to evil Walmart and bought two more pairs of jeans and another shirt, I made a mix cd, I made a delicious strawberry sauce. I went to my book club and had a very girly, but fun!, evening. We discussed our book, picked the new one, made ice cream sundaes, watched Pretty in Pink and chatted until late into the night.

Blerg. I haven't been up long. I kept making myself go back to sleep. It helped. I had a weird dream at the end that already is fading. But I remember it being weird.

In one part, I was driving down the road and my back window came open. So I pulled into this parking lot to close it. There was a lady in the back shredding rolls of money. And I got the impression I wasn't supposed to have seen it. And it also had something to do with a pharmaceutical company? No idea. So I was all about to just leave because I really didn't care that she was shredding money and apparently, it wasn't the first thing I had seen that day that I wasn't supposed to see. But it sounded like she was going to offer me something and I figured, hey, why not? Never got to see what was going to come of that though. The dream shifted after that.
Tags: dream

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