~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

lost and gone forever? Maybe not. behold the magic of facebook!

So when I was 10 or 11, a family moved in across the street from me. I befriended the kids, a girl, 8, Melissa; and a boy, my age, Luther. They also had a 3 year old brother named Sam. We played together quite a bit while they lived there. Their parents didn't seem to like me for some reason. Or my grandma. The dad was a little nuts though. He drove through our yard once. And used to stand at their door staring out at my grandma while she worked in the yard. Just general weird, creepy things.

That spring, they got a puppy for Melissa, a miniture poodle that she named Peaches. She loved that dog. And Peaches loved her. Once in a while Peaches would get loose and always ran over to our house.

In the fall, something went down with the parents and the dad was chasing the pregnant mom down the street with a board. Cops came, he got arrested, and I never saw them again. Somehow in all this, Peaches got loose and came over to our house. They never came back and she stayed. We had her for 15 years.

But I always felt bad that Melissa would have had no way to know what happened to her dog. I always wished to be able to let her know that she was fine and had a long, loved life.

So fast forward to a couple months ago. I found a Luther D. (their last name) on facebook and sent him a message:

Sub: Does the 'D' stand for Dylan?

Body: Hey, I used to know someone with your same name.

Did you ever live in Saginaw, MI?

I got no reply, so I figured it wasn't him, or he didn't remember me, or didn't want to revisit that part of his life... something.

But today I got a one word reply: "Yes"

And I was all OMGOMG Holy cow!

And I replied:

Oh! Wow! I didn't know you were going to respond and I somehow didn't expect you to say yes.

Um. That also means I didn't have anything planned to say back.

Do you even remember me? I have wondered what happened to you and your sister & brother since I was 11.

One thing I really have wanted to do is let Melissa know how things turned out with Peaches. When you left, she came to our house and we kept her and took care of her. When we moved, she, of course came too. She lived a long (15 years!), happy, well cared for life.

I know she really loved that dog and always figured she'd have wanted to know.

And he added me as a friend. We've exchanged no more words. But OMG! Crazy! I can't wait to tell my grandma. She will find it interesting.

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