~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

how interesting!

I have certain things that I just can not ignore.

I had a book that I had sitting on top of my piano. There are many many htings on top of my piano... I should put up a picture. It's big and it's heavy. the book was a smallish paperback. About the size of a Young Adult novel? One day, it got knocked behind the piano by some cat or another. I looked down at it from on top of the piano. It was definitely behind it. I figured I'd have to wait years til the piano got moved before I'd have the book back.

So a little bit ago the cat jumped fdown from the piano, and flying down behind her came the book.

Um. well I'm glad I have my book back. I guess I ought to be used to it all by now... this isnt the first time.
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