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  • 09:47 Hmm. Either Steve is deaf, or he doesn't want to do something really, really nice for me. #
  • 11:15 I don't want to do anything today that will make me sweat. But I will. Have to take g-ma to an appointment this afternoon. Already dreading! #
  • 11:26 Biscuit has gotten more vocal as he's gotten older. His little mew is amusing and adorable. #
  • 12:32 I think it's time to shower. Might be a cool one. I'm sure that will feel better. #
  • 14:12 having my car in the garage helped. it wasn't too horrible driving to g-ma's. I'm parked in the sun now though. Bleah. #
  • 15:01 now in waiting room. can't complain. air conditioned building. yay! #
  • 15:30 sleepy. feel like taking a nap. still in waiting room so that would probably be weird. they have a couch though! #
  • 15:52 twitpic.com/8b0rj - the couch in the waiting room looking all inviting #
  • 18:08 Time to go do some maternity photos. I'm a sweaty mess. Good thing she knows me already or I'd be embarrassed fo sho. Wait, I still am. #
  • 18:59 I am a sweaty mess. #
  • 20:13 twitpic.com/8btdd - Pretty! #
  • 21:59 I should go to bed soon. Hope the big bunch of coffee I drank pre-shoot doesn't hinder that. Walking again early tomorrow morning. #
  • 22:32 Time to attempt sleeping. Wish me luck! #

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