~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,


wow. very much crazyness in my dreams again.
started out i was in this... pool of water.. a river, stream, pond, pool? and there were all these things that now it is escaping me what they were. I thin there were just kittend around. and I happeb to be feeling under the water and I found another. It wasa small and soft and silky and had brown and black stripes. I petter him and he aws really cute and sweet. and then he all of a sudden stopped moving... so i thought quickly and put him in the water... he took a great sucking gulp of *water* and started breathing the water in and out.

somehow a jump occurred here betweren htis being a kitten and ths being a boy in a family that I supposedly knew. I'm not sure what my relationship was with him... just that we were very very close... he had the same thing though. every so often he had to breathe in water.

Much of the dream dealt with that... and how some of the water he was breating in wasnt good enough quality and he was a little sick. and if he got out of breath above the water he needed to breathe the water even more...

there was one part where were wre on these rocks.. it was like for some school thing? we were graded on how well we were climbing and we had to work together. I hwas having some difficulty and I know I was worried abotu him and worried that he would need osme water and not have any.

It was justna odd dream, for the length, content, how clear and memorable it was... and how familiar he seemed.

I had another dream with another boy who seemed vry familiar. I dont rememebr that one as well... just that in the dream I didn't know him... htere was just the familiarity. very odd.

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